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William Potter attempted his first novel at age eleven when he scribbled a few lines about a giant rampaging crab. The teen years kept his imagination in a state of unrest and he used poetry to journal personal thoughts, achievements and events of those times. He returned to his love of storytelling in his twenties, writing numerous short stories; and now in his forties, has completed two full-length novel manuscripts. Lighting the Dark Side-Six Modern Tales represents his work from the past several years and is his first published book. DEAD of KNIGHT is his first full novel. William resides in New Westminster, Canada with his wife and two children.

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DEAD OF KNIGHT (A Jack Staal Mystery) by William R. Potter

our next birthday could be murder! 

Believing he is a soldier of justice, a misguided young man begins a callous campaign of terror murdering women on their birthdays. Convinced of his righteousness he continues his brutal crusade forcing the citizens of Hanson B.C. to acknowledge a serial killer active in their rural community.

The Mounties always get their man--but not if Jack Staal gets him first! 

 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police put their Integrated Homicide Investigation Teams into action. Detective Jack Staal and the rest of Hanson PD are invited to support the RCMP. However, Staal, the once elite major-crime investigator reduced to small-town detective is desperate for redemption. He ignores protocol to work a case that is not his to solve.

Told from the perspective of both killer and cop DEAD of KNIGHT is a cat and mouse thriller sure to delight fans of Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta or Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch.