About the Author
Tania Tirraoro was born in Wales and raised in the North West of England but now resides in leafy Surrey with her husband and two sons.

She spent a decade working as a broadcast journalist and newsreader which has been the inspiration for This Last Summer.

Tania has a blog, notasadvertised.blogspot.com and a website helping parents with special needs education, www.specialneedsjungle.co.uk.  Both Tania's sons have Asperger Syndrome and so the Asperger's character of Ben in This Last Summer is written from the heart.

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THIS LAST SUMMER by Tania Tirraoro
Who said working in TV was glamorous? It’s shocking - and it can break your heart...

It's not easy keeping an office romance secret in a newsroom full of the treacherous and the lecherous and local TV reporter Maddie Chamber's life is about to get even more complicated.

While out filming she stumbles across a family bombshell - her long lost mother, whose reappearance is set to wreak havoc on her father and brilliant but autistic brother.  Then there's an even more shocking discovery that threatens to pull the family apart.

Maddie faces tough decisions both personally and professionally in a journey full of emotion that you won't want to put down.

SWEET SEDUCTION by Tania Tirraoro
When multi-millionaire Entrepreneur, Rufus Knightly offers to finance Livia Rosetti's artisan cake business, he doesn't expect to have a fight on his hands. Despite sharing a kiss under the mistletoe a decade before, Livia is now reluctant to mix business with romance - but the strong attraction between them is proving difficult to resist.

If you love to sample the delectable taste of pure romance, Sweet Seduction is one not to miss!