About the Author
Tommie Lyn has made her home in the beautiful Florida panhandle for almost 35 years. Her husband of 47 years (and high school sweetheart) retired from the Navy after being transferred here from Okinawa in 1975. Three of her novels and some of her short stories are set in the panhandle.

An avid reader since childhood, she began writing fiction four years ago and writes short stories and novels in a variety of genres: historical, mystery/suspense, supernatural thriller and mainstream fiction. Currently, a showcase of short stories is freely available for readers on her website. Three of her novels are available for purchase from Amazon.com.

Encouraging other writers is important to her. In order to provide that encouragement, she maintains membership in writers' groups. She's been a member of the local Panhandle Writers Group for two years and is a member of online writers' groups as well.

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HIGH ON A MOUNTAIN (A MacLachlainn Saga) by Tommie Lyn
As a boy, Ailean MacLachlainn dreamed of living an adventurous life and longed to be a celebrated warrior of his clan. Until a shy smile and a glance from Mùirne's blue eyes turned his head and escalated his rivalry with Latharn into enmity and open conflict.

When Ailean became a man, his boyhood dreams faded. Until Bonnie Prince Charlie came to reclaim his father's throne. The Jacobite loyalties of Ailean's clan chief involved the MacLachlainns in the uprising and set Ailean on a course toward a destiny of which he could never have dreamed.

What happens when a man's dreams turn to dust? And when a man loses everything, does he have what it takes to go on?

High on a Mountain is the stirring tale of one man's remarkable journey through life; a story of adventure and love...of faith, loss and redemption.

...AND NIGHT FALLS by Tommie Lyn
Bullets and blackmail and beaches...a hit man and a hurricane and a high-stakes political campaign

...And Night Falls ramps up the action and suspense when Pensacola native Shelley Goodnight finds the body of a murder victim...but not just any victim. Dead man Farrell Gilbert worked at the desk next to Shelley's in her father's real estate office...an inconvenient fact the authorities can't ignore.

Add a hitman, Hurricane Ivan, and conscientious Deputy Clay Cameron from Santa Rosa County to the mix, and the tension tightens like a corkscrew.

Navy Chief Handy McKniere wanted to build a home for his wife and daughter on Berryhill Road.

But Handy was found dead and a suicide note on his typewriter said he stole from the Navy to pay for his dream home. Folks regarded him as a traitor, and thought his wife Rachel was his accomplice.

What's it like growing up under a cloud of suspicion? Will Handy's daughter Fallon be an outcast forever?

TUGGER'S DOWN by Tommie Lyn
Salem, Massachusetts: A pregnant teen dabbles in the occult with a Ouija board and unleashes an unspeakable family secret on her unborn son, Tucker.

Pensacola, Florida: Lacey Cochran, a university student, has her future all mapped out. Until Porter O'Brien drives the wrong way in a one-way parking lot to take the only available parking place. He gets to the Admissions Office ahead of her and signs up for the last seat in the class she needs most.

How will the lives of Tucker Farnsworth, Lacey Cochran and Porter O'Brien entwine? Can Lacey and Porter overcome the horrendous threat to little Tucker?

SCRIBBLES by Tommie Lyn
Do dreams come true? Meg MacAllister hopes they don't....

Because in Meg's dreams, she kills. Or worries that she does....

Johnny Peyton doesn't believe her fears have basis in reality. At first.

Does she? Or doesn't she? And does she really want to know?