About the Author
Jodi Langston is a Minnesota native with a passion for the written word and the outdoors. She can be found camera in hand photographing local wildflowers and wildlife. She's spent a lifetime writing prose and poetry. Jodi specializes in the romantic suspense and mystery genres, creating exciting characters who find themselves in dangerous situations. Always, is her first release with numerous novels to follow.

A percentage of her book sales will be donated to Diabetes research in an effort to find a cure for this devastating disease.

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Always by Jodi Langston
Thane carried the tray up the stairs and gently knocked on the door. Alex threw open the door expecting to find the annoying little man from earlier but instead was staring at the broad expanse of chest that belonged to Thane Hunter.  

“I believe you ordered room service,” he said. Alex stood there speechless. He was even more incredible in person. The tight fitting T-shirt and jeans looked like they were painted on, every bulge and every ripple left nothing to the imagination. The media dubbed him “the incredible hunk” and she thought it was a well deserved title. His six-foot two frame filled the door way causing Alex to take a step backwards at the sheer maleness of him, which Thane took as an invitation to come inside. He set the tray down on the table.  

Alex was momentarily lost in the most amazing dark blue eyes she had ever seen. They reminded her of the spring sky before a storm, dark and mysterious. The man exuded a raw sexuality she found overwhelming, or maybe it was just the fact she hadn’t made love in ten years. She felt an instant vulnerability to Thane Hunter and found it quite disconcerting. Alex prided herself on her self-control and she knew with this man she had none.  

“Are you capable of speech?” He said, staring down at her, flashing his killer smile.  

“I … I was expecting the other guy,” she stammered, momentarily unable to remember Dan’s name.    At the moment there wasn’t any other man in the world but Thane Hunter in all his masculine glory. “It’s been a long day and people keep interrupting me while I’m trying to work. I’m Alex Martinson.”   Thane reached out his hand but she looked at it suspiciously.  

“I won’t bite,” he murmured. “Well, not unless I have your permission.”  

Alex reached out, her dainty hand was swallowed by his massive one, yet she was amazed at the gentleness of his touch. Her mouth went dry and the palms of her hands began to sweat.  

“It’s nice to meet you,” she said, looking down at the floor. It’s said, “the eyes are the gateway to the soul”, and she didn’t want anyone to see the pain and vulnerability that lived there, especially someone like Thane Hunter, womanizer extraordinaire.  

“Likewise.” Thane pulled her chin up and looked into her dark hazel eyes for a moment, trying to decide if they were more brown than green. Then he spotted a fleck of blue and smiled. “Dan was right. You are beautiful.” His hand was soft and its heat radiated through her, leaving her trembling. She felt exposed, as if he looked deep he’d see the need within her.  

She didn’t invite him to sit so he took the hint, deciding not to push her. “Well, I’ll let you get to your lunch and your work.” He headed to the door with her close behind. “I’ll see you later.”  

Alex locked the door behind him and whispered. “Not if I can help it.” She leaned against the door and let out a big sigh. She had no luck with men and had sworn off them long ago. The only man in her life was Rick Ryan. A patient and kind man who rivaled Thane Hunter in the looks department. Maybe there was something about her that turned them bad. First her father, then her husband betrayed her. She held the cold can of pop up to her cheeks, trying to put out the fire he stirred in her. She thought she’d get used to the loneliness and isolation but lately it had become harder and harder to accept. No amount of pills she took could dull the ache within her. The walls she put up weren’t meant to be breached no matter how beguiling the intruder. Alex sat down on the bed and ate her lunch while reading through the script.