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Ashlynn Monroe is a busy wife and mom. She’s been writing since she was a teenager for her own pleasure but in her thirties, she decided it was time to share her stories. She enjoys writing about anything and everything paranormal. When she’s not lovingly raising her young family, she’s dreaming up her next tale of romance.

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 Dark Miracle by Ashlynn Monroe

Blurb:  Jessalyn, a once vibrant woman, has been diagnosed with cancer and is slowly fading away. Her boss, Orion, has desired her for a long time and hates to see her in such a state. He knows someone who can help Jessalyn recover, but will she be willing to pay the price? Or will a night of erotic passion with two vampires be too much for the quiet woman? 

Excerpt:  There were many different types of vampires. He was an energy reader. He couldn’t make other vampires, or heal with his blood, but he could hear thoughts and read what some humans called auras. It made him vulnerable to enduring human emotions; it also gave him the ability to indulge in human sensation while he fed. The vampire who made him was the worst kind, a replicating vampire. They felt a consuming need to infect others and to indulge in all things abundantly

Dark Miracle by Ashlynn Monroe A replicating vamp often lived extravagantly appealing to human id and ego to seduce in prey. Because only a few rare humans carried the gene that would cause them to become a vampire, such as Orion, the rampant killing of a replicator brought unwanted attention to their kind.

 The third kind of vampires was rare and beautiful they were healers. These did not ingest blood and instead lived off the inner energy of the humans they encountered. They lived the longest and were the rarest of all vampires. He’d never encountered one younger than a thousand years old. They were amazing ethereal creatures and Orion always felt humbled in one’s presence.

He thought of these healers every time he looked at Jessalyn. Her cancer was killing her; she had no human medical hope. Each day she lived as happily as she could, even with the death sentence hanging over her head. It made him so angry to think of her dead. There was only one way that he could help her, but it would put everything that he had built for himself in jeopardy. With his power and that of a healer, they could cure her, save her, but she would have to be open and pliable to the experience of two vampires making love to her. The act would be so intense that the experience alone might kill her.

Happily, Orion would give her all he had to give, but he’d have to find a healer, and Jessalyn would have to accept the fact vampires existed in the world and be willing to drink from a healer while Orion drank from her. Most mortals would certainly prefer death to such an act; he would have lacked the courage if such a choice had presented itself during his mortal life. Sweet, beautiful Jessalyn had such a zest for life, and love for her offspring that he felt she might be willing to try it. She didn’t seem the type to just roll over and embrace death willingly.

Copyright © 2010  Ashlynn Monroe