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Dawn Judd was born and raised in South Dakota. Although she has traveled the country and finally settled down in Kansas, her heart still belongs to SD.

The first two books in her vampire series, Reining In and Phantom Rising are currently available. The third book, Bloodlines, is expected to be released in early 2011 along with her stand-alone book, Serum.

Dawn loves writing, artwork and photography. For more information on her writing and artwork, visit www.dawnjudd.com

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REINING IN by Dawn Judd   
Khalida is a five thousand year old vampire. As technology and national security become more prominent, it becomes harder and harder for her to hide her secret from the world. In order to remain undetected by humans, she creates a network of people whose only job is to hide her identity.

But these aren't just any group of people. They are the best of the best, brought to her by chance; tied to her by a bond stronger than any she's ever known before. Being discovered by the human world isn't Khalida's only concern, however. She has made enemies in the vampire world.

When she makes a mistake that exposes her to those who want to take revenge on her, she is tossed into a whirlwind of death and destruction. She has to find out who is killing the humans who have become her family, and save those who remain.

Khalida has spent her entire life trying to protect the people she loves, but ultimately, she will have to decide between the ghosts of her past and the people who have put their lives on the line for her. Her decision may haunt her for the rest of her life.

After being forced to kill her own son, Khalida begins to spiral into a deep depression.  With Jake gone and the Network in danger of falling apart, she runs away from Mack and everyone else she loves, hoping that they will be safer without her near.

However, Fate has something else in mind for Khalida, and soon she learns that  Vyktor had a secret that he was keeping from her.  His secret becomes her chance at redemption.

But atonement doesn't come without a price.  She will have to risk everything to find the answers to the mysterious events surrounding her.  Has Vyktor come back from the dead to exact his revenge?

The only way to find out is for Khalida to face her fears.  She must fight the monster that haunts her and save the one person that holds the key to  her past.