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Dana Taylor has had articles published in the Ladies Home Journal and various Christian magazines, hosted her Internet radio show, Definitely Dana! at HealthyLife.net and won several awards in the Romance Writers of America, including Best First Book from the Desert Quill Awards. Her published works include Ain’t Love Grand?, Shiny Green Shoes and Princess Robin.

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The set-up: Set in the Ozarks, Maddie and Phil arepolar opposites. She is the uptight high school assistant principal.  He is the laid-back new high school foot ballcoach. Initially at odds, they give in to their mutual attraction and plan aromantic weekend to get to know each other. E

Excerpt: Driving down the mountain toward town, Maddie felt much better by dawn's early light. A homemade cake rested in its neat carrier on the passenger seat. Breakfast. If she was going to sin, she'd sin all the way.

Devil Moon: A Mystic Romance by Dana Taylor

Dressed in a snappy little peachy turtleneck sweater outfit and adorable new flats, she imagined a wonderful romantic weekend of holding hands while window shopping and enjoying a leisurely lunch in a quiet bistro. Maybe they'd go dancing in the evening. Phil had made reservations, told her he'd take care of everything.They'd spoken every night on the phone just before bedtime. She'd lain in bedand enjoyed his masculine voice stimulating her senses, making her feel like a fully feminine creature. It didn't much matter what he said, she loved the teasing way he said it.

The controlling Miss Harris had left all details of their weekend to Phil's discretion. He didn't want any of her uptight lists. He was right, of course.If she'd had her way, every moment would be scheduled. Still, she was a tad nervous about letting Mr. Casual take care of the arrangements. By the same token, if the day turned into a disaster, it would all be on his head.

Finding his apartment complex, she tread up the stairs carrying the cake and knocked on the door marked 2B. Heavy footsteps shook the platform under her and the door opened. The man of her recent dreams stood before her in rumpled sweats.

Grinning widely, he pulled her across the threshold and into his arms. The plastic cake carrier hampered their embrace. "What's this?"

"Devil's food cake. I had a baking urge. We could have some now or wait until later."

"Man, you are my kind of girl–chocolate cake and milk for breakfast."

Warmth whooshed over her. Someone to share her secret sin. Lord, was she falling in love?

He placed the cake on the kitchen counter. “Hey, you look great, but you've got to change."

"Whatever for?"

"Well, those aren't exactly fishing duds you have on."


"Yeah, I bought you a new outfit." Tugging one of her hands, he pulled her toward the sofa, where a set of royal blue sweats, tennis shoes and socks lay folded on a cushion. He lifted them in one swoop and thrust them against her chest.

"Here, babe, you hurry and change. We're burning daylight."

Blinking and dazed, Maddie allowed him to shove her into the bathroom, where she dutifully shed her jaunty jacket and pulled on the Dollar General sweatshirt over her turtleneck. Her slacks and flats were replaced by the sweat pants and tennis shoes. Gazing in the smudged mirror at her reflection, she contracted a case of the giggles. If Thomas could see her now. She snapped her fingers at the mirror.

"Take that, Thomas Smithton. I'm an Arkansas country girl now."

Phil tapped on the door. "Hey, cupcake, do you like mustard or mayonnaise on your bologna sandwich?"

So much for that elegant bistro lunch. "Mustard and dill pickles, please."

"You got it."

Grinning like teenagers, they shared cake and milk at his chipped Formica table.

And so began their romantic weekend.