About Me
Barbara Ellen Brink is a novelist, supported financially by a loving husband who just happens to have a much better paying job. Her novel, "Entangled," was selected as a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association contest in 2006 and her novel, "Sense of Danger," was a finalist in the 2007 contest. Barbara's short stories and articles have been published in THEMA Literary Magazine, The Springhill Review, Liguorian, and others. She grew up on a small farm in Washington State, but now lives in the mean "burbs" of Minnesota with her husband and their dogs, Rugby & Willow. With her kids now pushed out of the nest and encouraged to fly, Barbara spends much time writing, motorcycling with her husband in the summer, and hiking through snow with the dogs in the winter.

When Barbara Ellen Brink made up stories as a child, adults called it lying. Now as an adult she makes up stories all the time and they call it fiction. She writes mostly suspense/mystery, and reads just about everything. She loves riding motorcycles, hiking in the woods, and spending time with her husband, grown children, and friends. She hates exercise for the sake of exercise but endures it for the sake of staying fit and healthy enough to eat chocolate while writing. Her novel "Entangled" was published in the fall of 2010 and the sequel, "Crushed," will be out in March of 2011.

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ENTANGLED by Barbara E. Brink
A Minneapolis attorney inherits a small California winery, reawakening memories that have lain dormant for twenty years. One summer of her childhood is a mystery she intends to solve. But digging up her past also lays bare the skeletons of others, including her mother’s. Entangled between what she once believed and a new reality, will she be able to live with the consequences of full disclosure?