About the Author
Liz Borino is the debut author of Expectations, released from Lazy Day Publishing 12/1. Throughout her education, including a Bachelor's Degree from Hofstra University, she's kept her stories to herself, but this only child is all grown up and wants to share them with the world. Her roots are in Bethlehem, Pa, but she loves to experience new cultures. As fun as that is Liz likes nothing better than curling up at home with a good book or her work in progress.

Where can you find me?







“Ok, guys, that’s it. We’re all moved in!”  Matt said after putting the last of the dishes away in the cabinet of their newly acquired Village loft in New York City.

“This is historic, the first time we’re not sharing a room, Matt.” Chris regarded his twin brother with a smile. “Come here, Aiden. Let’s take our first roommate picture.”

“We took plenty of pictures when we lived in our suite in the dorm.” Aiden said, with a sigh. He really didn’t have time for this crap, but the look on Chris’s face convinced him to smile. The enthusiasm that guy mustered for any kind of new experience was to be admired.

“Yeah, but this is our place! I mean if we don’t pay the bills they won’t get paid!” Chris said.

“Trust me, Chris, there’s nothing exciting about paying bills. I’ve been doing it since I was 17.” Aiden told him after getting a bottle of water from the fridge. “Ok, I’m out.” He grabbed his duffle bag.

“What the fuck, man? We just got in! Sit down and have a beer with us.” Matt called but Aiden was halfway out the door.

“Can’t, dude, got class.”  Aiden called back.

“Aiden, newsflash! We graduated, twice!” Chris said with a laugh, but Aiden just waved him off.

Aiden knew they graduated. He also knew he could be living alone. He’d been building his business since he started at NYU seven years ago and it’s become quite successful. But his friends didn’t need to know that. As a matter of fact, because Aiden had his business under his birth name, Desmond Cain, there was no reason for his roommates to ever find out what he did. He took a deep breath as he opened the door to his dance studio. He turned on all the lights and smiled at the mirrored wall with a bronze bar attached to it. Checking his watch, he smiled at t the realization that he had perfect timing. His students wouldn’t be coming for another 15 minutes, which gave him plenty of time to get changed and warm up.

Aiden took off his jeans and replaced them with shorts over the standard leggings, after tying his hair in a ponytail. Then, set the CD player up and played the first track. No lyrics, but the violin and piano flowed through his body as he stretched his legs and his torso. He always began sessions with yoga. The movements aided in eliminating outside distractions, allowing for the dance to overtake his body. For Aiden the art of dance was something that was better than anything else in his life. For a brief time he could become one with the music, no other feeling was as freeing.

Aiden smiled when his students began to file in. Very few things made him happier than his enthusiastic class. When the room was filled he turned and beamed. “Good evening, everyone. Shall we begin?”