About the Author
Erik J Ekstrom is originally from Chicago, Illinois and currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with Deborah, his loving wife of nine years and his little pug Elvis. Erik has a degree in Criminal Justice and has worked for many years in private investigation, as well as personal and V.I.P. security management. His interests include the study of forensics, handwriting and fingerprint analysis, and all aspects of crime scene investigation. Erik is an avid reader and lover of movies. He has been the creator and writer of many newsletters spanning a wide range of subjects, and has won awards for his poetry. He is in the process of working on the two remaining volumes of the "Storyteller" trilogy, as well as numerous other novels and screenplays.

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 THE STORYTELLER by Erik Ekstrom

Katrina, Dustin and Tao all have the same things in common, or do they? True they are all children, they are all friends and they are all hanging out at the carnival together. It is also true that they are excited to see the new attraction this year. It was the first year that the dusty and tattered circus tent made itself a home at the carnival. The strange sign outside peaked their interest. It was the tent of a fortuneteller, and since none of them had ever had a reading before, they thought it would be fun and exciting.

This is where they realize that their lives are indeed different, in every sense of the word. These three children are thrust violently into their own realm of reality.
The Storyteller bring Katrina out of a life of solitude and into a world of nightmares and murder. Tao learns of his ability to create life from death through the ancient pyramids of Egypt, and Dustin must battle for his life in a post-apocalyptic sanctuary.

Yes, each of these children came to the carnival that day with their own view of the world and each other, but when they leave, none of them will ever think about things the same way again. Ever!