About the Author
Hi, I'm a Brit living in beautiful France and I turned my hobby into my career about 9 years ago.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy being dragged around the village by my two boisterous dogs and gardening in my award winning garden.

I hope you'll enjoy Impeding Justice, a book I've sweat blood and literally tears over for the past few years. I'm currently halfway through the sequel to it and hope to have it finished in the early part of next year.

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IMPEDING JUSTICE by Melanie Comley
Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins comes up against her long-time nemesis, The Unicorn. After leading Simpkins and her partner into a trap, in which Pete is killed, Lorne comes to the conclusion the criminal is obtaining insider information, enabling him to stay one step ahead of them. With the informant out of the way, The Unicorn needs to find another way to keep Lorne on her toes, so he kidnaps the D I’s teenage daughter. But, Lorne’s troubles don’t end there. She is forced off the case by a Superintendent with a ten-year vendetta against her father. Fortunately, the Chief Inspector insists Lorne’s vast expertise is needed to solve the case. The investigation takes a surprising turn when one of the region’s most precious landmarks is held to ransom by The Unicorn, but this merely turns out to be yet another one of his frivolous decoys, as his true audacious plan unfolds… A fast-paced thriller of 83,000 words.

FINAL JUSTICE by Melanie Comley
After suffering a breakdown and quitting the force, former Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins is contacted by a friend at MI6 to help in a covert operation. Against her will Lorne is convinced to help track down an old enemy, a sadistic and calculating criminal whose ambition is to become the world's richest person, no matter what he has to do to manage it.