About Me
Diana L. Driver was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Her father was career Air Force and Diana grew up on Air force bases around the world which allowed her to experience different cultures and fueled her passion for history.

Her father retired from the Air force in Austin, Texas and Diana attended The University of Texas as well as The University of Houston. Upon completing her degrees, she worked as a geophysicist in the field of oil and gas exploration.

Diana L. Driver loves to write and has authored short stories in both the mystery and romance genre as well as an action-adventure novel, Ninth Lord of the Night, and a reference book about the Maya titled The Maya, People of the Maize.

She and her husband live in Houston, Texas with their two cats.

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THE END OF THE TOUR by Diana L. Driver   
A cozy mystery short story.

Richard was a bully who insulted everyone around him. No wonder he was murderd. The question was, "Who did it?" His sister-in-law who despised him? Or, his trophy wife who had to beg for every penny? Written in the style of Dame Agatha, The End of the Tour is filled with campy characters, a cozy setting, and a final twist!

Seventeen year old Zack is one unhappy surfer dude when his folks sit him down and give him some very bad news, then top that off by telling him that he and his older brother Kyle are being shipped off to the jungles of Guatemala to stay with their uncle at an archaeological excavation. Zack plans to live up to his reputation as a teenage screw-up, and is determined to hate everything about this experience. It doesn't help his mood that on his first night in Guatemala he witnesses a murder and gains the attention of a major bad guy who wants something he thinks Zack has. Zack does, in fact, have it--a crude map leading to a priceless artifact--but it takes him awhile to realize that. As time goes by, Zack finds himself strangely drawn to the ruins, even having visions that both terrify and excite him. He has to deal with the usual teenage problems: standing up to bullies, fighting with his big brother, trying to understand teenage girls, and so on, while staying one step ahead of a band of vicious smugglers, finding the precious treasure, and, and learning who he really is

THE MAYA - PEOPLE of the MAIZE by Diana L. Driver
Learn about the Maya, a brilliant and bloodthirsty culture, with ominous predictions about the end of the Fourth Age of Creation on December 21, 2012…   The Maya created a civilization based on terror and human sacrifice and yet managed to excel in the arts, writing, mathematics, astronomy, and the building of temple structures that rival the Egyptian pyramids. However, by the time the Spanish arrived, most of the great Mayan cities had been abandoned and reclaimed by the jungle. Why did this happen?   The Maya, People of the Maize is a brief guidebook for readers interested in an overall view of the intriguing and fascinating Mayan culture. It offers readers a basic understanding of ancient Mayan history, religion, and social structure. The Maya, People of the Maize includes examples of Mayan art, pictures and descriptions of Mayan temples, as well as translations of Mayan glyphs-- including the glyphs of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. At the end of the book, the author has included information about predictions concerning the end of the Fourth Age of Creation, December 21, 2012. These predictions come not only from the Maya themselves, but from the I Ching, Edgar Cayce, the Hopi nation, and other sources.