About the Author
Terrance Foxxe is my pseudonym.  My new me.  Call me Terry.  I’m old, no longer sane, and I liken myself a junkyard dog.  I was so sick and tired of publishing’s hypocrisy that I had to reinvent myself.  The stupidity of it all had shattered me, and publishing’s *bleep*holes the world over needed to pay dearly for the damage to my once-hopeful soul.

My publishing credits were many, my many credits were good.  None of it meant a thing.  Twenty, thirty novels later, and maybe then I’ll have a career?  I will now publish what I want as an Indie Author, and will care only about my future readers.  My readers come first.  To that end I vowed to give 150% to be 99.8% mistake free.  I’m a storyteller, first and foremost.

My Main Blog!http://terrancefoxxe.blogspot.com/ This is where I dish.  Profound thoughts on my adventures and misadventures through Indie Publishing’s hall of mirrors.  Here is where I tackle the Marketing Maze.  Here is where I reveal my personal House of Horrors, as I fall flat on my face, pick myself up, and do it all over again.  I’m not afraid to make a mistake.  I have links of interest, and sometimes feature other writers.  Will you join me as one of the faithful?

Where can you find me?

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Earth is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Baby Sister has been kidnapped, and Pap must master the magic of his own universe, solving the riddle of another universe’s magic. Pap may be the next Keeper of the Dead, but who’s soul must he ultimately Keep?

IN THE DREAMING by Terrance Foxxe
Terrance Foxxe’s In The Dreaming is a collection of short stories bridged together by a larger narrative, a mosaic novel unlike any other.

“I thought this novel would work out well if I could find the perfect vehicle to drive my character's interactions. Would a mental ward patient do?"

Foxxe's unique novel offers a wide variety of stories to suit any tastes. From Native American legend to urban detective. Science fiction, magic and love, alongside vampires, barbarians, presidents, elves, and (walking talking) toys. Horror with the hope. A little something for everyone.