About the Author
Heather McAlendin grew up in the Northern Ontario City of Timmins. Heather also attended Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario where she graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Arts and Communications. Heather also has an Honours Diploma in Office Administration. She credits her mother (Dale) and late grandmother (Helen) for instilling in her a love and appreciation of reading and books. From a very young age, Heather was an avid writer of short stories and poetry. In recent years she discovered her true calling was writing Fiction and has recently branched out to Erotic Romance. Her first novel, “Wicked Dreams” was published in February of 2008. With the loving support of her friends and family, Heather has begun to live her dream of becoming a successfully published author. She now lives in Toronto, Ontario with her family.

Where can you find me?




Excerpt from "Valentine's Day" by Heather McAlendin

Bradley removed his jacket and then unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a smooth, firm, hairless chest and flat, taught belly.  Valentine found herself staring and then closed her eyes and looked away.

With a flick of the wrist, Bradley took a long, pale pink scarf and raised it to Valentine's face, stroking it with the coloured silk.  “Don't be afraid.”

Without another word, Bradley wrapped the scarf around Valentine's eyes, making the already dim room invisible to her.

“Please,” she began.

“Shh, my beauty.  Trust me.  Breath and trust me.  I will not hurt you.”